Woodland Place Card Holders

I confess that I love setting the holiday table almost as much as I love eating the food. One of my passions is collecting china. I have several holiday china collections; I’m always excited about seeing those plates again and using them for family get-togethers and book club meetings during this happy season.
I saw these cute little place card holders in a recent issue of a Do It Yourself magazine. Because I live in the woods, the woodland creatures fit right in to my rustic and nature-inspired table settings. I also had the plastic figurines from a tree I decorated last year. So I’m going to make these place holders; I think they will be the perfect touch for my holiday table this year.
You can find these figurines in craft stores and toy stores. I ordered mine from the Internet. They are not expensive.
You’ll also need a hacksaw, gold spray paint, glitter spray paint, a hot glue gun, and round magnets.
First, saw each figurine in half. It might help to have a vise to do this. Or get someone who is handy with tools to do it.
Next, lay out some newspaper in a well-ventilated area. Spray the figurine halves with gold paint. Let them dry before spray-painting with glitter paint. Spray the magnets with gold paint, too.
Using the hot glue gun, glue the magnets to the cut edges of the figurine.
Finally, make some cards. You can embellish these by stamping a gold pattern on them, creating your own art, or just leaving them blank. Add handwritten names on each card and sandwich the card between the halves.
I think I can get these done by Thanksgiving. Let me know how yours come out.
Claire Livingston is an interior designer, public speaker, and workshop facilitator. Send your ideas and comments to her at clivingston.interiors@gmail.com.

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