summer pet care part 3 - How to find a lost animal

Summer Pet Care Part 3
How To find A Lost Animal

Courtesy, Dublin/Laurens County Humane Society

Any animal can disappear from even the most responsible pet owner. If you lose a pet, here are some tips to ensure your animal’s safe return. The following suggestions are for dogs but can apply to other animals.
Make a quick search of your home and property to ensure your dog isn’t trapped in the attic, storage shed, closet, car interior, basement, etc.
Drive around looking for your pet. However, odds are slim that you and it will be in the same place at the same time. You need to expand your search by getting other people involved.
Use the Internet (Facebook, e-mail, Twitter, etc.) to tell as many people as possible when and where your dog disappeared, along with a good physical description and how to contact you if they see your pet.
Try to have a current, or fairly current, photo of our dog to use if it disappears. You can post this photo on the Internet and use it on flyers.
Use a professional printer or your home copier to make flyers. Standard 8 ½ x 11 paper is sufficient. Use brightly colored paper such as orange or yellow to attract attention. Flyers should contain a photo of your dog, a brief physical description, and where and when it was lost. Offer a reward –don’t specify the amount -- not for its return but for information leading to its return.
Don’t offer a specific reward amount. If it’s too large, it will encourage unscrupulous individuals to respond. If it’s too small, persons who might otherwise be willing to respond might not do so. Referring to information leading to the dog’s return instead of its actual return will encourage individuals to call who might have seen your pet but don’t actually have it in their possession when they phone.
Try to include more than one phone number on the flyer. Ask a friend or neighbor if you may list their phone. You want to increase the chances that any person responding to your flyer will get someone to talk to instead of a recorded message.
Place flyers at convenience stores, gas stations, grocery stores, and on poles and posts throughout your neighborhood within a mile of where your pet disappeared. Most lost dogs and cats are found within one mile of home.
Check with local veterinarians. Ask if you can place a 3x5 index card in their waiting room.
Check with your county’s animal control officer (if it has one), any humane society, and your local law enforcement department.
Leave notes in your mailbox and newspaper box for your mail and newspaper carriers. They see a lot as they drive slowly through your neighborhood and surrounding neighborhoods.
Place an advertisement in your local newspaper. (The Middle Georgia Marketplace, will do this free of charge for you) Include the same information that’s on your flyers.
These are only a few basic suggestions. Use the Internet to find other ideas. Keep thinking positive and don’t forget the power of prayer. The Dutch have a saying “Pray for a miracle but keep rowing.”

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