Instant Holiday Decor with tall glass vases

Have you ever walked by those shelves with all the glass containers in the home décor section of a store and wondered what you could do with those elegant, tall glass vases? Even though these vases can be pricey--$12 to $60, depending on where you purchase them—you can use them throughout the year. Just change out what you have in them and you’ ve got an instant focal point.
Here are some of my ideas for the holiday season:
Fill them with glass balls. Last year, I bought several of these tall vases in
different heights. I filled them with gold and silver glass balls and grouped the vases on a table in front of a mirror. The effect was instant sparkle, glamour, and sophistication. Layer different types of nuts. Layers of dark Brazil nuts contrast with layers of lighter walnuts or even pistachios.
Layer citrus fruits. Alternate layers of clementines, limes, and lemons.
Fill the vase with those little pumpkins that you find in the grocery this time of year. Leave them orange to a fall seasonal look or spray-paint them gold or silver for a holiday look. You could do the same for pine cones or magnolia-blossom seed pods. Alternate layers of candy. You could alternate layers of Hershey’ s Kisses: a layer of purple-wrapped ones, a layer of silver-wrapped ones, a layer of red-wrapped ones—well, you get the idea. Or you could alternate a layer of peppermint candies with Hershey’ s Kisses. I think it would be interesting to fill the entire vase with those gold foilwrapped Ferrero Roche chocolates and keep them on a table at the entrance of your home. When you think about candy, the possibilities are endless. For a homey touch, you could alternate layers of yellow corn, red beans, and green lentils. When I did my Christmas decorating workshop last year, I put a layer of coffee beans in the bottom and added a cream-colored candle. Tell me what you put in yours. I might want to try that in my own home! Claire Livingston is an interior designer, public speaker, and workshop facilitator. Send your ideas and comments to her at

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