Chic, by Claire Livingston - "Create A Trunk Table"

When you need a bedside table, end table, or even a coffee table,
consider putting some legs on a trunk. It’s a quick and easy project that
doesn’t take any skills. You will spend more time collecting the materials for
this project than you will actually putting it together.
You’ll need a trunk, some legs, paint or stain, a paint brush, some
screws or nuts to attach the legs, wood glue (optional), a drill, and a
I purchased a decorative trunk from one of those huge home décor
stores. But you could use an antique trunk or suitcase found in your attic or at
a flea market.
Next you’ll need some legs. “Do-It-Yourself” stores have unfinished
wooden legs in all lengths, from bun feet to standard table legs, and in styles
from contemporary to traditional.How high do you want your table to be? That
will determine the length of the legs you need. For end tables, 15”-16”legs
would work, bedside tables may be about the same or even a little shorter,
depending on the height of your mattress. Bun feet would work well for a
coffee table.
Finish the legs by either staining or painting them to complement the
trunk. You may want to distress or “antique” the legs for an even more
integrated look.
Drill holes in the trunk where the legs should go. Attach the legs with
screws and wood glue for added stability, and you’ve got a table.
What’s wonderful about this project is that it is something that YOU
made and reflects your personal style. The entire project does not cost a lot of
money. And the finished table also doubles as storage. Have fun creating
your one-of-a-kind trunk table!

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