CHIC By Claire Livingston "Change the knobs, not the entire room""

Tired of the same ol’ look but don’t want to spend the money to redecorate the entire room—or house? Sometimes it’s the smallest things that can make a difference, not only in the look and feel of a space, but in how you feel every time you look at it.
A simple and relatively inexpensive thing you can do is change out knobs on cabinets, furniture, and doors. Breathe new life into pieces by changing the knobs, drawer pulls and handles. Knobs can look dated over time. Using sleeker, more streamlined knobs can make traditional furniture look more modern. Changing pulls from metal to wood can make a room look more earthy or country.
Home improvement stores and accessory retailers stock a wide variety of handles and knobs that can transform just about any piece of furniture or door. And what cannot be found in a store can most likely be purchased online.
I’ve recently gone through my house and replaced all those plastic knobs that came on the folding doors of my closets with new ceramic pulls that are made to look antique. They look so much better and have even made the doors easier to open because my fingers fit around them better.
In one house I used to live in, I had a nature theme going on. All the pulls in the house, from the bathroom vanity to the kitchen cabinets, were oak leaves, acorns, fish, and other motifs found in woods and streams. And they don’t have to match, even on the same piece of furniture. Mix things up to suit your own sense of style and playfulness.
There are other things you can do with all those wonderful decorative knobs. You can make wall hangers out of them to hang jewelry and clothing. Use them as curtain tie-backs. Or simply put a bunch of them in a bowl or glass vase for an interesting new accessory.
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