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Here is where you can upload a free, personal classified ad to be displayed on our website and printed in our next issue of the Middle Georgia Marketplace paper. Please fill out the form below and submit for each classified ad you would like featured. This form is for personal classified ads ONLY, any commercial or business related ads are welcome but must be requested through the “Request a Paid Ad Spot” tab or by phone.

Use this form to provide the information we need to run your ad. Please provide clear and concise details about your item and remember to provide a contact number. All ads are subject to administrative approval before publishing.

Your ad will run for two weeks on our website (Tuesday to Tuesday) and in one issue of our print paper. The deadline for classified ads is 3:00 pm on Friday for it to appear in the next Tuesday's publication. If you would like your ad to run for another two weeks you will need to simply resubmit this form in a week or call us to let us know. If you have any questions you may reach us during our normal business hours at 478-272-0085.

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